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Thunderstorm Kills Man in Cemetery, Flips over Hot Dog Cart

by adesalvo 20. June 2007 01:18

This afternoon around 1:30 we were all taking a catnap when we were awoken by thunder and high winds. We opened up the shades and saw the trees whipping around. All the sudden the wind picked up even more and the rain started swirling around. All the sudden in one big gust of wind all the very mature trees on our tree lined street snapped like twigs in one swoop. The winds continued to swirl around and we were unsure if it was a tornado as we couldn't see much out the windows after that, so we snagged the kids out of their rooms and ran downstairs afraid that the trees were going to come through the windows.

After the storm passed, some neighbors came out to help us move all the large tree branches out of the road as they were blocking traffic down the street. There was debris like window screens, lawn chairs, garbage cans, bird nests, etc. One of our neighbors lost her whole entire tree. There is still a very large tree branch dangling over the street and we had to call 911. We were afraid it might fall onto a car going down the street. Another neighbor had a tree snap a telephone pole and crush their garage.

Most of our neighborhood lost power and is still without power. We were lucky enough to only lose it for a split second and then it came back on.

Anthony started cleaning up our back yard and found three birds that were in rough shape lying in the backyard. The storm must have destroyed their nest and knocked them out of the tree. In an attempt to save them, he put the nest back in the tree and set them back in it.

There was a man in a cemetery a few miles from our house that died from getting hit with a tree branch. High winds also knocked over a hot dog cart in the City of Rochester

We're not sure if it was a tornado, micro-burst or just high winds, but it was crazy anyhow.