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Podcast 004 Unplanned Surprise

by adesalvo 4. January 2011 06:39

This morning after driving to work only to find that I had the day off the decision was made to record a new podcast! There were a few other unplanned surprises through out the day, but I will try to keep this on topic. I am without a doubt a very sheltered DJ, My music tastes reflect this, however I do know how to move the floor, and this podcast proves this point. Just try not shaking your ass to Stay - Dozas LCG West Dub - Feat. Tim Fuller, or Soul Good - Sonny Fodera! I hope you enjoy this mix as much as I did making it!

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On My Own - Giom Mix - Feat. Roy Davis

Stay - Dozas LCG West Dub - Feat. Tim Fuller

Come On Everybody - Fred Everything

It's Alright - Original Mix - Fred Everything

M.U.S.I.C. - Fred Everythings Lazy Dayz Remix - Vincenzo, Lovebirds

Back To You - Sonny Fodera

I Like You - Mr. Clean

Soul Good - Sonny Fodera

Back In The Day - The Nu Jaxx Red Bells

I'm Every - Sonny Fodera Mix - MonoMan

Downstrokin -Tom Drummond - inland knights remix

Tested On Animals - Sonny Fodera Remix - D-t3ch

That's How - Sonny Fodera's Beatdown Mix / Mark Farina




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